Todd Bertuzzi

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Violence in Hockey

What I think of the Bertuzzi Affair.

Once again I have to go back to what I hate about being a human being,our hypocrisy as opposed to the quality I admire most, loyalty! Is it not the millions of fans that rise their feet and cheer every time their gladiators drop their gloves and do battle.

Are not these people the same people that are dumping on, in this case, poor Todd Bertuzzi for making the mistake of thinking that this is what the fans wanted. This is the height of hypocrisy and is simply not fair. Now anyone that knows me well knows that I am a lover not a fighter. I do my battling with my intellect and my tongue.

But the worst is being a hypocritical hypocrite and this is what is happening in the Todd Bertuzzi incident. Make our Gladiators into Gods, worship them all the way up, and shit on them on the way down! Not the most desirable trait we human beings have. At least thatís the way I see it. Let's hear your opinion in our chat room.

Grant Kennedy,
The Male Oprah
March 22/2004

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