Susan McCord    



Age:                44

Height:            5 foot 9 inches

Weight:           138 pounds

Appearance:   Intimidating Red Head ( So I have been told )

Goal:               To make a full time career out of making people smile



What am I all about? 

How much time do we have?


I’ve been a mother since I was six, to my four younger brothers and sisters, and also a single mom for 15 years!  My son, who is a 17 year old hockey player, says I am like “Roseanne” with my sarcastic, jokester ways.  My demeaner is versatile depending on my surroundings.  The teenagers call me Don Cherry at the rink, with all my pre and post game pep talks.  My life revolves around fitness, health, travel and fun in any form.  I’ve been a hula dancer, flight attendant, fitness columnist for a newsletter, personal weight trainer, aerobic instructor, soccer coach, published poet, model and actress (mainly specialty extra spots) and a computer tape librarian.  Known to many as “Champagne Feminine” with a truck driver flair, I can converse with just about anyone who comes my way.  I have been told I resemble Kathleen Turner (the younger and slimmer version of course), Lucille Ball, Geena Davis and God help me, Vanna White!  (Personally, Lucille Ball and Don Cherry are my favorites!  At least they’ve got spunk!)


And that’s what I’m here for; to offer laughter, broaden communication between men and women, have men and women come together (so to speak). It is so necessary to lighten the stresses of every day life so that we can smile at them instead. The world has become a different place, full of fear and daily dilemmas. We must all try to make a difference even in the smallest way. My life’s many trials and tribulations have led me through the gates of  Hell and back, to the degree of now knowing what “seeing the light” means. Dwelling on the past and not moving forward only stifles growth. I’m only here once and have spent enough time to know where I want to go next......
I’ve got messages to deliver!


The serious side of life is already met with Broadcasters, Reporters and Newscasters. Grant Kennedy has been kind enough to let me CO-Host and offer a female outlook in some of his shows.  Our shows will bring an audience of a wider capacity, even listeners who may not normally think to tune in to a Internet Radio Show. As a whole, our group offers a strength in personalities that compliments each other.  Our varied ideas and thirst for an exciting new concept will undoubtedly be refreshing.  We know the public is ready; its different, therapeutic, playful and  sometimes “out there!” Anything goes!!!  And believe me, it will!!!