Martha Stewart

I believe Martha Stewart is an amazing entrepreneur and businesswoman whose brilliant
success most men could only dream about let alone ever achieve. Anybody who has
ever achieved a little success knows what kind of sacrifice and endless hours of
work it takes let alone building a business that personally makes you a billionaire!

Anybody who has been in a regulated industry and had their peers set in a judgement
tribunal on an alleged transgression has never seen so many hypocritical hypocrites
in their life come out of the woodwork.

So, clarify Kennedy 101. Speak, “I am a human being. Therefore, I am a hypocrite!
And the worst kind of hypocrite is a Hypocritical Hypocrite!!” It is really sad that
the mainstream media are such sensational, ambulance choosing whores.
They run with someone up the success ladder and crucify them all the way down if
someone falters the least bit. Don’t forget that all of us are just ordinary human
beings subject to errors in judgement! And let’s not forget the prosecutors that
are just salivating at the thought of launching their political careers on the
back of someone that they can only dream of achieving that much success.

I believe this whole set up is gender based.
A male that was as successful as Martha (and there aren't many)
would be considered a shrewd business person while Martha is characterized as a conniving,
difficult bitch! Just remember what we vicious human beings will do to one another
for a little bit of press or personal and financial career advancement.
Some would eat their young!

So let's watch the daggers come out, listen to their hollier than thou rhetoric
and examine where it is coming from and the personal agendas behind it!

At least, that’s how I see it!

Grant Kennedy “The Male Oprah!” June 10/03

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