Tom Leykis stirs up trouble in Vancouver

$50,000.00 (American) will be donated to charity by Tom Leykis

in the name of BCTV News Anchor Lynn Colliar

The donation will be made to the charity of her choice

Terms of offer:

Lynn Colliar appears at The Tom Leykis Show listener party at Cheers in North Delta on Friday, April 4, 2003

Lynn Colliar exposes her breasts (yes, nipples included) for 30 seconds to the audience in attendance

Lynn Colliar has her breasts signed by Tom Leykis in front of the audience in attendance

The story so far...

The Tom Leykis Dana Gee pillow fight offer...

Chat Room for Tom Leykis Haters...
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Rate Tom Leykis – Is he hot?

Kennedy 101 – says appearance - an LA2. Personality lower than that
Although Tom appears to be a guy’s guy, it doesn’t take long for his mean
spiritedness to come through. Especially in his attacks on other people’s
appearances like the one recently when he said Christiane Amanpour,
veteran CNN foreign correspondent looked like a raccoon!!
Or older women have turkey necks! These kind of remarks don’t get
you anywhere with intelligent people, Tom.

Critique of Tom Leykis by Grant Kennedy

First of all, I am a guy so I agree that, all that a lot of males
young and old care about is getting laid. Some teaching in Leykis 101
taught by professor Leykis are good in result even though it was not
the professor’s original intent! For example, don’t have sex with a virgin.
Professor Leykis’ reason – A virgin is looking for love and you will
never get rid of them

Professor Kennedy’s reason – I don’t believe in lying to women for
my own sexual gratification, and having sex with a virgin if your
intentions are not honourable is taking advantage of another
human being and their feelings!

Leykis 101 - Always use condoms or you will be paying for the next 18 years.

Kennedy 101 Agrees, this is good advice Tom Leykis – Fool around all you can if you are not in a monogamous relationship
But once you are in a committed relationship ie. Married, the fooling around stops,
otherwise why be in that relationship?

Kennedy 101 - I agree Tom - good advice.

Now this is where Tom and Grant part company

Kennedy 101 - believes in helping people achieve their dreams
and ambitions by following their heart and passions

Leykis 101 - makes fun of women’s physical appearance, including weight
and looks, even though Tom Leykis is probably an “LA 2” himself.

Leykis 101 - ridicules people of lower income and especially single mothers
And full figured women.

Kennedy 101 - believes all human beings have a right to be on the earth and have a happy and meaningful life.

Kennedy 101 - approaches the differences of the sexes not as a we and them
battleground but as a human being puzzle that has to be worked on so
that all human beings can be truly healthy and happy, dream big dream
and “Soar with the Eagles”.

Leykis 101 - Totally objectifies and degrades woman

Kennedy 101 - As a lover of women, and Father of two wonderful daughters,
a grandfather of a granddaughter, and the son of a mother who is my rock,
and best friend.
I object to Tom Leykis’s bashing and degrading of one half of the worlds population,
namely women. Tom Leykis is mean spirted in nature and will hurl insults
at anyone for his personal gratification and agenda. This could be
explained by the fact that Tom is an atheist lacking any kind of
moral connection or spirituality – his only connection is feeding his
huge ego by putting down others, misleading a certain percentage of men
especially our young testosterone males that women are not to be respected but rather
women are some kind of enemy that must be lied to and treated with disdain.

Tom Leykis is a shallow man that preaches that the only meaning in life
is making money and banging chicks.
By the way, to prove what a fraudulent philosophy that is,
I point to Tom’s constant reference to his seven figure annual income lie.
But to Tom’s credit, he is following his own advice about lying to women
about your income as explained by his advice to get large balance ATM receipts
to give to women with your phone number – the premise of course is
that the only bulge women care about is the bulge of a big fat wallet
in your back pocket.

Stay tuned for more Kennedy 101 and Leykis 101 bashing.
Its about time Tom took his lumps and the beauty of my show is that
all you Leykis haters can have at him without him shouting over you
on his radio show or cutting you off when he is losing the argument.

To be continued…