Finlay - Actor

Basic information:

Age: 23
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 9.5 stones or 132 pounds
Measurement: 3628-36
Dress Size: 6-8
Shoes: 7.5
Hair: blond below shoulders
Eyes: Green
Main Attributes: Legs, voice
Resides: Vancouver, BC Canada
Languages: English -French

Finlay was born in Quebec, Canada. She moved to England at the age of eleven. While in her teens she performed Hobby Modeling in different department stores. She pursue her goal to become a model by co-working with promoters and Page 3 girls, private lingerie modeling and posed for different artists. At age 22 she moved back to Canada. She worked in the same line as she did in England. Finlay is now 23, living in Vancouver and working as a semi-professional model and in motion pictures. She has recently featured in Paycheck directed by John Woo, starring Ben Afleck.

Finlay is a freelance model. She operates with a manager and an assistant. She closely work with photographers to develop test marketing campaigns and new edgy concepts.

Finlay is a mix of Amazon and Chameleon. She represent extremely well in the eras of the 40's 50's and the new millennium. May pose as a teen to mid 30's. She is extremely enthusiastic and loved by many photographers. She is delicate yet able to show real character strength.

Finlay is able and willing to travel. She is very mobile and loves to work on location. She is a real trooper when it come down to make the best of it. She is imaginative and can often fill-in the gaps of a shoot.

Finlay considers a wide range of paid work and flexible at performing TFP. She is available 24/7/365. You can contact Finlay via email

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